Greater Omaha SCUBA Club Officer Nominations

Nominations are now open for Greater Omaha Scuba Club Officer positions. If you are interested in running for office or know someone that might be interested, please reach out directly to me with your/their intent to the following email:

Open positions are listed in this posting below. Job duty descriptions will be posted on our Facebook Page

As per our by-laws, the deadline for submitting nominations is March 9th 2019 @ 7:00pm.

The positions that are open are as follows (in parenthesis are those who offered to run for said position):

Executive Board Officer Positions:
Responsible Adminstration Officer (Dennis Jenkins)

Club Officer Positions:
President (Steve Powell)
Vice-President (Riley Griffith)
Treasurer (Karen Allen)
Membership Secretary
Corresponding Secretary (Hollie Siebler)
Diving Activities Committee Chair (Dennis Jenkins)
Fellowship Activities Committee Chair
Transportation & Travel Committee Chair (Connie Springer)
Sergeant at Arms
Legal Advisor Special Committee Chair (must be active/retired lawyer)

I will update this posting as we have confirmed people running for each position. Multiple people running for a position is okay, although we would like to get all the positions filled.

Thank you to all who are considering running for office.

-jeff steiner