26 Must-Have Tools for a Safe Dive


A Nautilus Lifeline is on my dive gift wish list.

Diving is the best sport in the world, but like all high-adrenaline activities, things can sometimes go sideways. When they do, your level of preparation can make all the difference.

There are products designed to keep you safer, but to help you stay safe, they have to be stowed in a BC pocket, clipped to a D-ring or stored on the boat, not collecting dust in a closet.

Here are 26 must-have tools for building a safety cushion into your dive plan.

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Nebraska Students Take on Shark Finning Legislation


Dearest Scuba divers please consider taking action!

Like the Zoo Academy students from the Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium, you too can take action and make a difference. If you live in Nebraska you can do something about shark finning by contacting your state senator about Legislative Bill 921.

For more details read my population-we™ blog post on "Nebraska Students Take on Shark Finning Legislation" at http://goo.gl/zsktKl.

Thanks for your consideration & keep diving!


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New SCUBA regulator creates breathable oxygen underwater


Sign me up for a unit! This is a pretty cool technology. I don't know that I would fully trust it yet but given a few years of testing I would definitely buy one.


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Microplastics 'pose toxic threat to marine biodiversity'


I read an interesting article this morning about how plastics are destroying our marine environment.


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Five best places to dive, snorkel in the Caribbean


Choosing the Caribbean's five best dive/snorkel destinations is like picking the best five places to live in America. Everyone wants something different. At least divers and snorkelers usually want the same essentials: easy entry, clear water, healthy corals and lots of marine life. Four of these sites possess these in abundance while Bimini's distinctive wild dolphin swimming focuses on animal encounters. How many have you been to?

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GO SCUBA Shares the Love of Scuba at World O! Water


World O! Water. Read my latest Scuba Diver Life blog post, in which I share with the site's readers how our very own club is bringing the love of Scuba diving to kiddos in Nebraska. View the complete article at http://scubadiverlife.com/2013/10/16/go-scuba-shares-the-love-of-scuba-a...

Keep diving!

(photo courtesy of Danette Walden Orme)

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